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Looking for a professional, affordable, fast chain link fence installation service? Look no further than Broomfield Fence Company! We are experts in this field and can have your fence installed quickly and efficiently. We offer a wide variety of chain link fence options, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, our rates are very competitive, and we offer free estimates. Contact us today at (720) 703-9899 to learn more about our services in Broomfield, CO!

About Chain Link Fence

A chain-link fence is a type of fencing made from interconnected metal wires. The wires are woven together in a diamond pattern, creating a strong and durable fence that can be used for various purposes. While chain-link fences are often used to create boundaries around properties, they can also provide security and safety in areas such as parking lots and construction sites. In addition, chain-link fences are easy to install and maintain, making them a popular choice for residential and commercial applications. Whether you’re looking to keep your property safe or simply create a boundary, a chain-link fence is excellent.

Chain Link Fencing Installation Process

Installing a chain-link fence is a relatively simple process that can be completed in a few hours. First, the posts must be installed. These can be either metal or wood, and they will need to be set into the ground at least two feet deep. Once the posts are in place, the next step is to attach the fencing material. This can be done by threading it through the posts or using clamps. Finally, the last step is to install the gates. Gates can be mounted on hinges or sliding tracks, depending on your preferences.

Why Go For Chain Link Fencing?

There are many reasons to choose chain-link fencing for your property:

  1. It is an affordable option that can be used for both residential and commercial applications.
  2. It is a durable and long-lasting material that will not rust or rot.
  3. Chain-link fences are easy to install and maintain.
  4. They offer a high level of security and safety.

Disadvantages of Chain Link Fence

While chain-link fences have many advantages, there are a few disadvantages to consider:

  1. They are not as aesthetically pleasing as other types of fencing.
  2. They can be noisy in windy conditions.
  3. The metal can become hot in direct sunlight.

However, these disadvantages should be weighed against the many advantages of chain-link fences before deciding.

Chain Link Fencing Installation Costs

The cost of installing a chain-link fence will vary depending on the size and type of fence. However, you can expect to pay between $15 and $30 per linear foot for materials and labor. For a typical residential property, this means the total installation cost will be between $600 and $1200.

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If you’re looking for a professional, affordable, and fast chain link fence installation service in Broomfield, contact Broomfield Fence Company today. We offer a wide variety of chain link fence options, and our rates are very competitive. Plus, we offer free estimates. Contact us today at (720) 703-9899 to learn more about our services!

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